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With the change to our login system, access to wikis with external applications such as AutoWikiBrowser or pywikibot has changed as well. In order to use these tools, a special set of credentials needs to be generated on the Special:BotPasswords page. Bot passwords are global to all Gamepedia wikis and allow access to a user account via the API without using the account's main login credentials including the ability to restrict editing permissions. Additionally, if a user's bot password credentials are ever lost or compromised they can be revoked. These credentials can only access the API, not the normal web interface.

What does this mean for me?[edit | edit source]

If you use a third-party tool for editing wikis, you need to use this special page to create separate "bot" credentials to login to these tools. This process needs to be followed for each account that you use these tools with. If you only use your main account with these tools, you need to create credentials for that login. If you also have a separate bot account, you need to login on the web with that account and follow the process below.

NOTE: This process is not exclusive to accounts that are flagged as bots. Any account that uses a third-party tool will need to follow this process.

Using Special:BotPasswords[edit | edit source]

  1. Visit the Special:BotPasswords page on any wiki.
  2. Fill in a "Bot name". For example: "gp-bot". This will be added as a suffix to your username <username>@<bot suffix>.
    • Even though the credentials you are creating here are in this format <username>@<bot suffix>, edits with these credentials will show up as <username>.
  3. Select the desired rights. Mouse over the "?" to see more information. "High-volume editing", "Edit existing pages" and "Create, edit, and move pages" should cover most needs. The usage restrictions shouldn't need to be adjusted. Click "Create".
  4. The username and generated password are displayed. This password will only be displayed on this page. Once you have navigated away from this page, the password will not be retrievable.
    • If you lose your password, you can return to Special:BotPasswords to create a new password. See the section below.
  5. Configure the tool to use https protocol.
  6. Use these generated credentials in your desired 3rd party tool in place of your normal login.

Managing an existing bot password[edit | edit source]

To manage an existing bot password, select the appropriate bot name.

  • To reset the password, select "Reset the password" and click "Update".
  • To update rights, select or deselect the appropriate rights and click "Update".
  • To delete the bot password, click "Delete".

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