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{{#wikiStatistic: all,allNonHydra | ss_active_users }} {{#wikiStatistic: all, | ss_active_users }} How to me to make Wiki about the game Doodle (talk) 11:45, 30 September 2013 (UTC)


Rank Username Score
2 Game widow 3447237
3 Wynthyst 1396311
4 SandovalCurse 1265718
5 Tagaziel 1142456
6 Gourra 1105616
7 Wagnike2 930824
8 Alianin 919600
9 VaultAusir 790267
10 Ant2242 722593

Will output:

Spanish Heroes of the Storm[edit source]

Hi! I'm Kandooww from Heroes of the Storm gamepedia, I want to ask you how I can start the Spanish version, thanks :)--Kandooww (talk) 15:46, 29 August 2014 (UTC)

Promotion request - Heroes of the Storm[edit source]

Hey, The Wiki Admins in the Heroes of the Storm Wiki and the Guardian barely edits or enter in the Wiki leaving lot of work to do; like deleting pages (there are lots of articles and images that need delete), ban spammers. I am requesting to be promoted to Guardian of the Wiki. --Senescalzin Talk with me! 17:29, 8 July 2016 (UTC)