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Gamepedia only hosts game wikis - we are not game developers!
If you are experiencing issues with a specific game, please visit the game's official website to contact support.

Need help? The Gamepedia Staff is here to answer any of your Gamepedia or wiki-related questions. You can use one of the contact methods above, or talk to us directly on the wikis.
The best way to contact Gamepedia is by emailing [email protected].

Contact Guidelines

When contacting Gamepedia, please include as much information as possible, such as:

  • The wiki or specific page you have a question about
  • Any relevant page links
  • Your Gamepedia username

Reminder: Gamepedia is not a game developer, and we cannot assist with game-related support issues.

Wiki-Specific Issues

Want to contact a Gamepedia staff member or Administrator on the wikis? Use our Admin Noticeboard, Community Portal, or IRC channels.

Admin Noticeboard
To contact the Administrators and Wiki Guardians on a specific wiki, visit the Admin Noticeboard in the wiki's sidebar. This is often the fastest way to get in contact with a wiki's admin team. If the wiki you have a question about does not have the Admin Noticeboard in the sidebar, please email [email protected].

Community Noticeboard
A wiki's Admin staff will be listed in the Community Portal, also located in the wiki's sidebar. You can click "Talk" next to a staff member's username to visit their talk page. Make sure to ask questions specific to the wiki they moderate. If the wiki you have a question about does not have the Community Portal in the sidebar, please email [email protected].

IRC Channels
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. Several Gamepedia wikis have their own channels. You can view the full list on the IRC page.

Gamepedia staff

Smokie (Director) talk  •  contribs
CrsBenjamin (Marketing & Business Manager) talk  •  contribs
Game widow (Wiki team lead) Français talk  •  contribs
Alianin (Project Manager) talk  •  contribs
Misterwoodhouse (Community Manager) talk  •  contribs

Wiki managers

Emberimp Deutsch talk  •  contribs
Encredechine Deutsch talk  •  contribs
Equazcion talk  •  contribs
Malvodion Español talk  •  contribs
OOeyes talk  •  contribs
SandovalCurse talk  •  contribs
Tagaziel Polski talk  •  contribs
Wagnike2 talk  •  contribs
Z3ther talk  •  contribs