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Gamepedia definitions[edit | edit source]

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Gamepedia and Fandom definitions[edit | edit source]

  • AF - AbuseFilter. AbuseFilter is an extension for taking automated actions upon certain edits or log actions.
  • DPL - DynamicPageList. See Help:DynamicPageList (Fandom) and Extension:DPL3/Manual (Gamepedia) for more information.
  • F/G - Fandom/Gamepedia. The official Discord server for Fandom and Gamepedia. See these links about the Discord server on Fandom and on Gamepedia.
  • MW - MediaWiki. The software the wikis are based on. See MediaWiki for more information.
  • WR - Wiki Representative. Wiki Representatives, formerly known as Wiki Managers, are part-time staff members assigned to specific wikis. See these links for more information about Wiki Representatives on Fandom and on Gamepedia.
  • WS - Wiki Specialist. Wiki Specialists, formerly known as Content Team Members, are the contractors responsible for ensuring that the latest and best content is up on our communities as soon as information is available. See Content Team Members for more information.
  • RC - RecentChanges. Recent changes is a list of the latest actions performed in the wiki
  • SOAP - Spam Obliteration and Prevention. The Spam Obliteration and Prevention team are a group of users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom and Gamepedia free of spam and vandalism.
  • UCP - Unified Community Platform. Refers to the future combined platform of Fandom and Gamepedia. See this blog for more information.

Fandom definitions[edit | edit source]

  • CC - Community Central. See Community Central for more information.
  • CCC - Community Central Chat. Now deprecated in favor of the Fandom Discord.
  • CCCREW - Community Central Crew. Community Central Crew is the moderation team for Community Central. See Admins and mods for more information.
  • CONVOL - Content Volunteers. Content Volunteers are users who have additional tools available to work on content-related tasks in non-English communities. See Help:User rights#Content Volunteers for more information.
  • D - Discussions. See Help:Discussions for more information.
  • F - Community Feeds. See Help:Community Feeds for more information.
  • GDM - Global Discussions moderators. Global Discussions moderators are a group of users with permissions related to the Discussions feature. See Help:Global Discussions moderators for more information.
  • IVT - International Volunteering Team. The International Volunteering Team is a group of super passionate users from all over the globe who love Fandom and like to help and support our communities in their local language. See Project:International for more information.
  • PI - Portable Infoboxes. See Help:Infoboxes for more information.
  • SC - Special:Contact. Special:Contact is used to report issues to staff.
  • VSTF - Volunteer Spam Task Force. The Volunteer Spam Task Force is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom clear and free of spam. See Help:SpamTaskForce for more information.
  • VOLDEV - Volunteer Developers. the Volunteer Developers program is an initiative that aims to enable technically skilled members of the Fandom community to contribute to Fandom not only by editing and wiki-administration, but also by fixing bugs and improving Fandom's software. See Help:Volunteer Developers for more information.
  • WLB - Wikia Language Brigade. See the Language Brigade Wiki for more information.
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