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Prof hydra.svg Adapted from the Cargo extension documentation.

Get support[edit | edit source]

There are a number of ways to get support for Cargo, including questions, suggestions, bug reports and feature requests:

  • Place questions on the Mediawiki discussion page for Cargo.
  • You can submit bug reports and feature requests at MediaWiki's Phabricator site, here
    • Enter "MediaWiki-extensions-Cargo" as the project name. (The current list of known bugs and requested features for Cargo can be found here.)
  • Use the Semantic MediaWiki mailing list, semediawiki-user.
  • Use the main MediaWiki mailing list, mediawiki-l.

Which mailing list you use will probably depend substantially on whether you are already an SMW user. If you use either mailing list, please add "[Cargo]" at the beginning of the subject line, to clarify the subject matter.