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Editor of the Month is a program on Gamepedia designed with the intent of publicly recognizing the top editors across our wiki platform. Wikis are almost entirely driven by the passion and devotion of you, the community, and we're always looking for ways we can show our appreciation for all your hard work. This page also covers the newly introduced Editor of the Year award.


Each month, we will invite the entire community to submit nominations for the Editor of the Month. These nominations will be preserved from month to month, so if you nominate an editor (or yourself) once, they will continue to be considered each time we choose a new Editor of the Month. Each month the winner will be chosen by the Gamepedia team sometime around the middle of the month and announced a little later on after we've had a chance to contact the winner. Each winner will receive an engraved trophy and box of goodies as a token of our appreciation. Winners are also interviewed, if willing, although interviews were discontinued in June 2016 and were not brought back until April 2018.

How to nominate

Nominating someone is easy! Just fill out this form and we'll consider that person for the Editor of the Month. You may self-nominate if you feel you are deserving of the award and self-nominating will not affect your chances of being chosen. Please do try to fill out the nomination form as completely as possible though, as it will greatly assist us as we make our selections.

Past winners

Editor of the Year

The Editor of the Year is a concept that was first introduced in 2018. The recipient is named in December from the monthly winners of the Editor of the Month within a year and recognizes their contributions throughout the whole year.

  • 2018 - MarkusRost - to acknowledge the incredible impact Markus has had in all things Gamepedia, from wiki editing to administration to GRASP to Slack to Discord to Twitch to Wiki-Bot.