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Version 1.0.0
Author(s)  • Robert Nix
Extension link GitLab
Scribunto Lua interface for MediaWiki's Object Cache

LuaCache is an extension that exposes MediaWiki's ObjectCache through a Lua interface, which can be used to store data between requests.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Cache object[edit | edit source]

Acquiring a cache object is necessary for access to the Object cache. This can be done as follows:

local cache = require 'mw.ext.LuaCache'

cache.get[edit | edit source]

cache.get( key )

Returns the value stored in the cache under the given (string) key.

If there is no value stored under the given key, nil is returned.

cache.set[edit | edit source]

cache.set( key, value )
cache.set( key, value, exptime )

Stores the given value in the cache under the given (string) key. Optionally, an exptime (expiration time) in seconds may be specified. Returns true if the value is successfully stored, false otherwise.

cache.getMulti[edit | edit source]

cache.getMulti( keys )

Retrieves the values stored under the keys given in the supplied array of strings and then constructs and returns a table of the values associated with their respective keys.

cache.setMulti[edit | edit source]

cache.setMulti( data )
cache.setMulti( data, exptime)

Accepts a table of data and stores the value in each row in the cache under its respective key. Optionally, an exptime (expiration time) in seconds may be specified, which will be applied to each cache entry.

cache.delete[edit | edit source]

cache.delete( key )

Removes the cache entry identified by the given (string) key.

Example[edit | edit source]

-- Module:Demo
local p = {}

local cache = require 'mw.ext.LuaCache'

function p.test(frame)
	local args = frame.args
	local keyPrefix = args[1] or 'sample'

	local sampleValue = {
		hello = 'World',
		name = 'Alyanah',
		counter = 0

	local results = {}

	local handleValue = function(r)
		if r ~= nil then
			sampleValue.counter = (r.counter or 0) + 1
			table.insert(results, 'Hello: ' .. tostring(r.hello))
			table.insert(results, 'Name: ' .. tostring(r.name))
			table.insert(results, 'Counter: ' .. tostring(r.counter))
			table.insert(results, '(nil)')

	-- Get an item from the cache
	-- This will be nil the first time this function is run,
	-- and it will have a value afterwards for as long as the
	-- item remains in cache.
	local singleTestKey = keyPrefix .. '.singleTest'
	local res = cache.get(singleTestKey)
	table.insert(results, 'cache.get(\'' .. singleTestKey .. '\')')

	-- Set an item in the cache
	res = cache.set(singleTestKey, sampleValue)
	table.insert(results, 'cache.set returned ' .. tostring(res))

	-- Get the item from the cache again
	res = cache.get(singleTestKey)
	table.insert(results, 'cache.get(\'' .. singleTestKey .. '\')')
	table.insert(results, '')

	-- Set the item in the cache with a 30s expiration
	res = cache.set(singleTestKey, sampleValue, 30)
	table.insert(results, 'cache.set returned ' .. tostring(res))

	-- Set multiple items in the cache
	res = cache.setMulti({
		[keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.1'] = {
			when = 'now',
			what = '불고기'
		[keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.2'] = {
			when = 'tomorrow',
			what = '김치찌개'
		[keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.3'] = {
			when = 'yesterday',
			what = '순두부찌개'
	table.insert(results, 'cache.setMulti returned ' .. tostring(res))

	-- Get one of the items from the cache
	res = cache.get(keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.2')
	if res then
		table.insert(results, 'When: ' .. tostring(res.when))
		table.insert(results, 'What: ' .. tostring(res.what))
		table.insert(results, '(nil)')

	-- Delete one of the items from the cache
	res = cache.delete(keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.2')
	table.insert(results, 'cache.delete returned ' .. tostring(res))

	-- Get all of those items
	res = cache.getMulti({
		keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.1',
		keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.2',
		keyPrefix .. '.multiTest.3',
	for k, v in pairs(res) do
		table.insert(results, tostring(k) .. ' = ')
		if v and type(v) == 'table' then
			table.insert(results, 'When: ' .. tostring(v.when))
			table.insert(results, 'What: ' .. tostring(v.what))
			table.insert(results, tostring(v))

	-- Format the results as preformatted wikitext
	return ' ' .. table.concat(results, '\n ')

return p


cache.set returned true
Hello: World
Name: Alyanah
Counter: 0

cache.set returned true
cache.setMulti returned true
When: tomorrow
What: 김치찌개
cache.delete returned true
sample.multiTest.3 = 
When: yesterday
What: 순두부찌개
sample.multiTest.1 = 
When: now
What: 불고기

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