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Version 1.2.2
Author(s)  • Brent Copeland, Alexia E. Smith, Noah Manneschmidt, Tim Aldridge, Hydra Wiki Platform Team and Hydra Wiki Platform Team
Extension link GitLab
Provides links to share wiki articles and link associated social profile accounts. Icons provided by Anton Drukarov.

Social is a custom Gamepedia extension that posts links to share articles with current social sites via the Share menu added to the top navigation bar. It also provides links to Gamepedia social media accounts at the bottom of the left sidebar. It also provides sharing popup prompts upon saving articles, which registered users may disable via a checkbox in the Misc tab of Special:Preferences.

Notes[edit | edit source]

While this extension provides a social tag at the time of this writing, it is depreciated and using it is not recommended.

Hooks[edit | edit source]

CompletedSocialAction[edit | edit source]

  • Arguments: User $user
  • Define: static public function onCompletedSocialAction(User $user) { ... }
  • Attach: $wgHooks['CompletedSocialAction'][] = 'MyExtensionHooks::onCompletedSocialAction';

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