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Version 1.0.0
Author(s) Cameron M. Chunn
Extension to add parser function to embed strawpoll

StrawPoll is an extension that allows the embedding of StrawPoll.me Polls. It adds the custom tag, <strawpoll>.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Parameters[edit | edit source]

The <strawpoll> tag takes a single parameter, a URL or StrawPoll ID. If this parameter is invalid, it will return an error inside an HTML comment followed by the provided input.

Inline frame (iframe) attributes can also be passed as attributes to style the poll box. Do not pass an iframe "src" attribute, because this will remove the StrawPoll entirely and cause an error.

Basic example[edit | edit source]




Styling example[edit | edit source]

If you want to change the default styling of the embed, any attributes passed to the tag will be passed on to the created iframe. By default, the StrawPoll is styled with no border, a width of 680 and a height of 289.

<strawpoll width="300" height="200">14496475</strawpoll>