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These extensions are in use by various wikis on Gamepedia. Default extensions load for all wikis. Allowed extensions can be set to load for those that need them. Forbidden extensions may never be used as they may cause undesirable behavior with the wiki farm setup.

For information on requesting extensions on a specific wiki, see requesting extensions.

Default extensions[edit | edit source]

Custom Gamepedia extensions[edit | edit source]

Optional allowed extensions[edit | edit source]

Custom extensions for specific wikis[edit | edit source]

Evony[edit | edit source]

Feed The Beast[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars PvX[edit | edit source]

MTG[edit | edit source]

World of Warcraft[edit | edit source]

Removed extensions[edit | edit source]

  • Maps - Not updated to use wfLoadExtension.
  • News - Use rss instead.

Forbidden extensions[edit | edit source]

  • MultiUpload - Security problems with Mediawiki 1.19.x
  • Renameuser - HydraAuth is the new authoritative on accounts.
  • Semantic MediaWiki - Deprecated in favor of Cargo.
  • User Merge and Delete - HydraAuth is the new authoritative on accounts.

Denied extension requests[edit | edit source]

  • EditNotify - Configuration too complex for setup and maintenance.
  • ExternalData - Too many security concerns to allow it.
  • Graph - Requires a NodeJS service just to generate a graph. This is too much just to display graphs.
  • PageInCat - Buggy code and unmaintained.
  • NewUserMessage - Twitch login integration does not support MediaWiki account creation tracking.
  • NumberFormat - Code quality not up to current MediaWiki standards.
  • TimedMediaHandler - Licensing issues