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Gamepedia is the largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring over one thousand community-driven wiki projects. Owned and operated by Curse, Gamepedia is home to everything from indie titles to some of the best-known gaming wikis such as the Official Minecraft Wiki, Leaguepedia, Wowpedia, Official Ark Wiki. Ranked in the top 1000 sites globally by traffic, Gamepedia continues to expand rapidly with the creation of new wiki projects on a near-daily basis. In addition to its wiki offerings, Gamepedia is also a source of gaming news and information, high-quality video content, and exciting contests and giveaways. To stay informed about your favorite games and for chances to win, follow and like Gamepedia on Twitter and Facebook or visit us at!

Media kit[edit | edit source]

Gamepedia staff[edit source]

Smokie (Director of Wiki Partnerships) English talk  •  contribs
Alianin (Product Manager) English talk  •  contribs
CrsBenjamin (Marketing & Business Manager) English talk  •  contribs
Game widow (Wiki Team Lead) Français talk  •  contribs
Misterwoodhouse (Community Manager) English talk  •  contribs

Wiki managers[edit source]

Encredechine Deutsch talk  •  contribs
Equazcion English talk  •  contribs
Malvodion Español talk  •  contribs
Mr Pie 5 English talk  •  contribs
OOeyes English talk  •  contribs
Pcj English talk  •  contribs
SandovalCurse English talk  •  contribs
Tagaziel Polski talk  •  contribs
TheSatanicSanta English talk  •  contribs
Wagnike2 English talk  •  contribs

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