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Chat with Gamepedia[edit | edit source]

What is IRC?[edit | edit source]

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfer (including file sharing). Here on Gamepedia, we maintain a number of channels to promote real-time discussion of the work happening on our wikis.

Basic IRC commands[edit | edit source]

Basic IRC commands can be used by anyone. Commands begin with a forward slash followed directly by the command: (Note: Do not type < or > in these commands)

/join #<channel> Connects you to <channel>. All channels are preceded by a hash (#).
/part #<channel> Disconnects you from a <channel>.
/nick <NewNick> Changes your current nick to <NewNick>.
/me <action> Displays <action> in the chatroom (i.e. /me waves yields “*JohnSmith waves” to the chatroom).
/away <Message> Sets your status to Away and sends <Message> to anyone who messages you.
/msg <nick> <message> Sends <message> only to <nick> rather than the channel at large.
/quit Terminates your IRC connection.

Recommended clients[edit | edit source]

Browser-based Windows Mac Linux

Freenode Webchat

HexChat 2.9.6

IceChat 9






  1. included in Ubuntu which allows you to add IRC under "chat"

Network[edit | edit source]


List of channels[edit | edit source]

IRC channels on other networks[edit | edit source]

  • #FTB-Wiki on EsperNet
    • #FTB-Wiki-RecentChanges on EsperNet
    • #FTB-Wiki-Dev on EsperNet
  • #Leaguepedia on QuakeNet
  • #chroniclesofelyria on QuakeNet