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As part of the UCP project, images used on Gamepedia wikis were migrated to the host and system used by Fandom. The following issues have been reported as a result of the migration.

Fixed / can no longer reproduce[edit | edit source]

  1. Inclusion of images from shared repositories in templates does not work.
  2. Newly uploaded files can result in broken-image.webp on direct linking.
  3. Links that point to missing images are no longer treated as redlinks.
    • Fixed. Null-editing the page helps and updates the link colors.
  4. Special:NewFiles, Special:ListFiles, Special:MostLinkedFiles is reported to have performance issues.
    • The performance issues are apparently a bit less substantial, but now it has other issues instead, namely: some images may fail to load at all.
      • This seems to have been a caching issue and doesn't seem to be reproducible now.
  5. LaTeX generated images from the Math extension are broken.

On hold with WebP being disabled on Gamepedia[edit | edit source]

As a way to bypass some of the issues, the conversion to lossy WebP images was disabled. This should have fixed (perhaps temporarily) the following issues:

  1. The only way to get the original source image (instead of a lossy WebP) is the format=original URL parameter. There is no documentation for it, nor are links for such URLs available like on Fandom.
  2. Due to forced default lossy conversion to WebP, some images will be severely degraded in visual quality (such as major color bleeding in pixelated sprites).
  3. Some animated files previously existing on wikis stopped animating (APNG mentioned, one GIF got affected and fixed by reupload).