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Wikis often have a need to link to other wikis in the course of creating the best possible content. This policy is meant to clarify when interwiki links are appropriate, and specify the few rare instances in which they will not be permitted. In all cases, where possible, interwiki links should make use of the Interwiki table feature.

For the purposes of this policy, "Interwiki link" refers to any link to an external wiki, either using the Interwiki table or as a basic external link.

Common interwiki prefixes

On Gamepedia, some typical interwiki prefixes are already created for all wikis, including for Wikipedia (e.g. [[:Wikipedia:Flower]] for Wikipedia:Flower), the MediaWiki wiki (mw), and for the Help Wiki (gphelp). The interwiki table can be edited by any admin. For more information see the full section about interwiki links.

Within Gamepedia and Fandom

  • Interwiki links to other Gamepedia or Fandom projects are permitted in all cases

To external wikis

  • Interwiki links for the purpose of citing or referencing external wikis are permissible, but should not prominently direct users to other wikis
  • Interwiki links to language variants for a game or subject that do not exist on Gamepedia are permitted (but we encourage admins to work with language variants to consolidate on Gamepedia)
  • Interwiki links to other wikis that cover the exact game or subject are not permitted in any main namespace page
    • Exception: When a link is necessary to provide attribution for licensing reasons

Questions or disputes

If in the course of editing any questions or disputes about this policy arise, please contact a member of Gamepedia staff or file a ticket through our support system.