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Are you maintaining a wiki on another platform and considering a move? You should consider Gamepedia for your new wiki home!

Many wiki communities choose to move to Gamepedia because we are a gaming network focused solely on games. If your gaming community is unhappy with your current hosting, whether it be hosting fees, or a free network that bombards you with ads, Gamepedia would love to welcome you to our family.

How-to[edit | edit source]

It is very simple to get the ball rolling on moving your community over. The easiest way is to click the "Suggest a new wiki" button on the front page of When it asks you if you are interested in moving your community, simply hit yes and then link to your current community. Additionally, you can email with the subject "Move wiki - wiki name" and explain your situation.

What is Gamepedia?[edit | edit source]

Main article: Gamepedia

Gamepedia is the largest video game wiki platform on the web, featuring over 2000 community-driven wiki projects.

Owned and operated by Fandom, Inc., Gamepedia is home to everything from indie titles to some of the best-known gaming wikis such as the Official Minecraft Wiki, Official Terraria Wiki, Official ARK Wiki and Leaguepedia.

Ranked in the top 250 sites globally by traffic, Gamepedia continues to expand rapidly with the creation of new wiki projects on a near-daily basis.

In addition to its wiki offerings, Gamepedia is also a source of gaming news and information, and streaming content.

Core wiki features[edit | edit source]

Gamepedia stays up to date with MediaWiki and extensions, providing the best features and stability for our community wikis.

Each Gamepedia wiki is assigned a professional Wiki Manager to aid in the design and maintenance of the wiki.

New extensions are able to be vetted and implemented upon community request.

Community focus[edit | edit source]

Gamepedia rewards active editors monthly with Gamepedia PRO, an ad-free experience that comes with a badge of recognition.

Our active Discord community puts editors in contact with each other, as well as with our very attentive staff.

The most deserving editor each month is awarded Editor of the Month, which comes with a prize pack and an interview on our front page.

We are constantly improving the platform to meet our community's needs, most recently deploying an analytics dashboard tool to meet an expressed need from our admins.

As a result of user feedback, we implemented an Ad Lite version of the platform for logged in users, which removes over a third of the ads.

Enhancing wiki content[edit | edit source]

In addition to our robust wiki platform, we also maintain strong social media accounts, which we use to help promote wikis when requested.

Big updates to exciting games get covered by our outstanding editorial team, promoting the wikis for said games.

Our Twitch channel also boasts a large pull, allowing us to promote games with great community wikis.