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Redirects are used to forward users from one page name to another. They can be useful if a particular article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalization or spellings.

For example: NAtURAL_DOCtRINE_Wiki which has official spelling of the game name.

is a redirect from

NATURAL_DOCTRINE_WIKI which is the normal name of game page.

Creating a redirect[edit | edit source]

Creating a redirect is simple. All one would need to do is create a new page (see Starting a new page) or edit an existing one.

Once on the page where you want to set the redirect, click the edit (edit source if the visual editor is enabled in your preferences) button in the navigation pane and insert the following code into the text entry field.

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

where pagename is the name of the destination page.

Important[edit | edit source]

The word "redirect" is not case-sensitive, but there must be no text, white space, or empty lines before the "#" symbol and the keyword. The redirect will not function if text of any kind is included before the code.

Any text or regular content code after the redirect code will be ignored and must be deleted to keep pages clean. If you wanted to keep the original page name to add to a category. You could add a category after the redirect code above. Please see Categories for more info about adding categories to pages.

Preview[edit | edit source]

You should 'preview' (using the button below the Edit window, or use Alt-P) to check that you have entered the correct destination page name. The preview page will not look like the resulting redirect page. It will look like a numbered list, with the destination page in the standard link color as seen in the screenshot below.


If the pagename is the correct name of the page you want to redirect to. It will display the name of the page with in any color except red.

If the name is not correct, it will display the name of the page red, which means that that page doesn't exist. So please ensure that all redirects are all to existing pages.

Viewing a redirect[edit | edit source]

After you make a redirect, when you go to a page that has the redirect code, it will send it to the page you designated. However, that page will have a slight modification at the top, that tells you that you are being redirected to another page as seen in the picture below.


By doing this, you can do all the things that any wiki page allows. You can go to the associated discussion page to discuss the redirect. You can view the history of the page, including a record of the redirect. You can edit the page if the redirect is wrong, and you can revert to an older version to remove the redirect.

Deleting a redirect[edit | edit source]

Deleting a redirect is simple. You can go to the page that has the redirect code, click the navigation list item with the "v" symbol located in the far right of the navigation pane, then click the delete button. Please be sure to follow the procedures at Deleting a page.

Double redirects[edit | edit source]

Double redirects are unnecessary and problematic. They are an infinite loop that shouldn't exist.

If a double redirect is found, simply remove one of the pages involved and make on one of the pages a redirect to the appropriate page.

Unfortunately, after a very significant page move, there could still be remnants of the redirects existing. Use the "what links here" toolbox link to find double redirects to a particular page, or use Special:DoubleRedirects to find them throughout the whole wiki.

If you encounter this situation frequently and find yourself drowning in double redirects to fix, you can use Pywikibot to automate the process of fixing them; however, PWB has a significant setup process.

A redirect to a page in the category namespace[edit | edit source]

To redirect to a category page and prevent the redirect appearing in this category, precede the word "Category" with a colon, otherwise the redirect page will also be categorized to the category itself:

#REDIRECT [[:Category:Glossary]]

Suppressing a redirect[edit | edit source]

Users with the suppressredirect right may move a page without creating a redirect. You can check what rights are available to various user groups on Special:UserGroupRights. By default, all autoconfirmed users have the ability to move a page without leaving a redirect.