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Disambig.png This article is about the humorous issue reporting guide. For the standard version, see Reporting issues on Gamepedia.

How to Properly Report an Issue With Gamepedia: A Choose Your Own Adventure!
By MisterWoodhouse, Fellow Redditor, Fandom and Gamepedia's Global Community Lead, and Notoriously Sarcastic Dude

You have encountered an issue on Gamepedia![edit | edit source]

Would you like to report it or just get karma by complaining about it and blaming corporate suits?

A - Report it in a responsible manner that will ensure it gets fixed! (Next Step)

B - Get karma by complaining about it and blaming corporate suits! (Next Step)

What type of issue on Gamepedia have you encountered?[edit | edit source]

A - I went onto a page and a really obnoxious ad was there, but I think it shouldn’t be there! (Next Step)

B - The formatting of the wiki broke! (Next Step)

C - The information on the page was incorrect! (Next Step)


E - Other! (Next Step)

You picked "really obnoxious ad"[edit | edit source]

A - Go to this page and follow the directions. Your fellow Gamepedia users thank you!

B - Do nothing. Your adventure ends in defeat. Whomp whomp.

You picked "formatting broke", "VANDALISMMMMM" or "other"[edit | edit source]

A - Go to our Zendesk page and open a ticket! It will be reviewed by Tots or somebody else from the Fandom support crew!

B - Send us an email!

C - Send us a note via carrier pigeon! This is what you have to tell your carrier pigeon for it to know where to find us.

You picked "information on the page was incorrect!"[edit | edit source]

A - Feel free to edit it yourself! Gamepedia is built on contributions from over 1 million users. You could be one of those awesome contributors who improves a wiki for your community! For more information on editing pages on our wikis, visit this page.

B - Think about Bob Ross and happy little trees. Isn’t that relaxing? I know! Unfortunately, you failed to correct the false information. Sadface.