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I send you this message, because i'm a big fan of Dead Cells, and i would like help to translate the dead cells pages in french, i have almost all weapons and skills on the game, it's a little plus for the weapons description

PS: If you want, we can talk in private, my name is "Deijiro" And this is extra content to be added to the end of the page.

Translation[edit source]

Hello. As i know, i can contact you if i want to translate some page's on wiki? So, i want to slowly translate Citadel: Forged With Fire pages. On that moment i tried (just for test) to translate small pages. I don't really add something new. If i know something more (i'm active Citadel player), of course, i will add that. I'm sorry for my english, but in eng --> ru direction i can work really well. And finally, my goal - make Citadel wiki useful for russian community. And please, if we can realise that, can you check my translated pages (As i know, you allowed to do that on my page): not translation quality, but some other, technical isses. Thanks you. (Gamazillo)