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Gamepedia features a wiki claim system whereby members of the community can apply to become Wiki Guardians, in other words, administrators.

Claiming a wiki[edit | edit source]

Claiming a wiki is done through the "Claim This Wiki" button at the top in the sidebar, to the left of the content area on the wiki.

  • If the button is there, click it and your claim will be processed.
  • If the button is not there, the wiki has already been claimed. However, the current guardian may have become inactive. If this is the case, contact the Wiki manager (listed on the wiki's Community portal directly and explain the situation.)

Wiki Guardian responsibilities[edit | edit source]

We ask that you read the following guidelines on what we expect of our Wiki Guardians to make sure you're up to the task!

  • We hope that you monitor the wiki for spam, vandalism and false information.
  • Keep the wiki up to date.
  • Help other passionate members of your community in becoming fellow administrators.
  • Be courteous to others.
  • Be open to other opinions and ideas.

If this is all sounds good and you wish to claim the wiki, click the "Claim this Wiki" button on the wiki you wish to claim. Fill out the form and submit it. A wiki manager will review your claim. Remember to do what you're supposed to.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

There's another wiki editor who is super helpful, can I make them an admin?

You can recommend them for promotion by contacting Gamepedia Staff either by using one of their talk-pages on this wiki, on Slack, or by emailing with the subject: "Promotion request - wiki name".

How can I get an extension installed?

Check if the extension is on the available extensions list.
If Yes: Contact a member of Gamepedia Staff either by using one of their talk-pages on this wiki, on Slack or by emailing with the subject: "Extension request - wiki name".
If No: Follow the same procedure for above, except understand that if the extension is not compatible with our network, we may not be able to add the extension.

I'm really proud of all the information I've added to my wiki, but it's not very pretty, can someone help me with design?

Certainly! If you'd like to request design help, come ask the Gamepedia Staff on Slack or email with the subject: "Design request - wiki name".

I'm feeling lonely working on this wiki, how can I get more people to help me?

Our staff is always happy to help with finding ways to grow the communities that support our wikis. Send an e-mail to to start a conversation with our Community Manager about how to work on attracting more contributors and viewers to your wiki.