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Wiki maintenance scripts can be run on specific wikis and are used to perform various administrative, import, maintenance, reporting and upgrade tasks.

Requesting scripts to be run[edit | edit source]

To have a script run, reach out to your wiki's manager with the name of wiki and script to be run.

Available scripts[edit | edit source]

  • rebuildrecentchanges.php: Run Rebuild Recent Changes (note that this can take over 24 hours on a very large wiki)
  • refreshLinks.php: Run a Link Refresh
  • refreshLinksChunked.php: Run a link Refresh with Chunking (a Wrapper around refreshLinks.php that is more successful on large wikis)
  • updateArticleCount.php --update: Attempt to fix Special:Statistics reporting incorrect info.
  • updateSpecialPages.php: Force update active users, wanted pages, and other similar special pages.
  • autoPatrolAll.php --confirm: Set all edits as patrolled.
  • userOptions.php skin --old "hydradark" --new "hydra": If you add HydraDark to $wgSkipSkins then use this to force orphaned users to use Hydra.
  • userOptions.php skin --old "hydra" --new "hydradark": If you add Hydra to $wgSkipSkins then use this to force orphaned users to use HydraDark.
  • debugLongRunJob.php: Run a short, predictable job to test output.

Extension scripts[edit | edit source]

  • approveAllPages.php: Approve all pages (ApprovedRevs)
  • setCargoPageData.php: Set Cargo Page Data (Cargo)
  • setCargoPageData.php --delete: Set Cargo Page Data with Delete Flag (Cargo)
  • cargoRecreateData.php: Run Cargo Recreate Data (Cargo)

Additional scripts[edit | edit source]

If there are scripts that should be added to this list, please reach out to a Wiki Manager with the name of the script, what wiki it's needed on, and the use case for it.