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Gamepedia Help Wiki:Wiki Managers

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Wiki Managers are Gamepedia staff who have access to the master wiki and are responsible for a number of individual wikis. Every wiki on Gamepedia is assigned a wiki manager. That manager's username should be listed on the Community portal, but if it is not, feel free to contact any Gamepedia staff member.

User rights

  • Access Special:WikiSites (wiki_sites)
  • Access a wiki's settings (wiki_settings)
  • Access the wiki edit log (wiki_edit_log)
  • Configure groups/permissions on a wiki (wiki_group_permissions)
  • Create or modify global abuse filters (abusefilter-modify-global)
  • Edit a wiki's meta information (sites_edit_information)
  • Edit a wiki's name and domain name (sites_edit_name_domain)
  • Edit a wiki's portal and grouping (sites_edit_type)
  • Enable/disable wiki extensions (wiki_extensions)
  • ⧼right-jobqueues⧽ (jobqueues)
  • ⧼right-user_engagement⧽ (user_engagement)
  • ⧼right-user_engagement_log⧽ (user_engagement_log)
  • ⧼right-wiki_points_multipliers⧽ (wiki_points_multipliers)