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Source and InstallationEdit

Visit this section to see full installation directions and how to find DynamicPageList3's source code.

Compatibility with Previous VersionsEdit

DynamicPageList3 is fully backwards compatible and this section highlights those details.

Bug Reporting and Feature RequestsEdit

General Usage and Invocation SyntaxEdit

This chapter is really important to read. It explains fundamental concepts of DPL. There are two modes to invoke DPL; each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. DPL has a mechanism to substitute variables, it has different output modes, can accept variables from the URL, etc.


Criteria for Page SelectionEdit

Other ParametersEdit

Controlling Output OrderEdit

Controlling Output FormatEdit

Controlling Output VolumeEdit

Accessing Individual FeaturesEdit

{{#dplchapter: ... }}Edit

{{#dplvar: ... }}Edit

{{#dplreplace: ... }}Edit

{{#dplnum: ... }}Edit

{{#dplmatrix: ... }}Edit


Selecting ArticlesEdit

Show Article's Context or ContentsEdit

Controlling OutputEdit

Tracking Pixel